Thursday, April 24, 2008


ZimbaMoto is an African Fusion band based in Vancouver BC, Canada. They are a group of very talented and professional musicians who would like to present to their fans, friends and clients a wonderous musical journey. The audience are compelled to feel a remarkable sense of freedom in expressing themselves through dancing to the rhythmical drum patterns and joyous melodies, both originating from Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.
The lead musician of the group is Kurai, a native Zimbabwean who has travelled here to North America to share his traditional roots with us all. Kurai comes from a village in Murewa, Zimbabwe, where he was brought up in a musical family who were known for their singing and Mbira playing. The Mbira is an ancient instrument from Zimbabwe which is used in a Bira Ceremony to connect the people with the Ancestral Spirits and the Spirits of the Land. Another instrument that was later introduced to Zimbabwe is the Marimba which has its origins in Mozambique. The group combine the traditional with contemporary instuments to create a very uplifting African Fusion Group - ZimbaMoto.

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